When you put them on, they are yours forever.

We are always happy to talk about your sock experiences so please contact us with any feedback, questions or comments. 

  • Returns

    Nic Harry does not accept returns for socks that have been worn, even once. 

    We believe you when you say that your feet are clean but many wouldn’t!

    “When you put them on, they are yours forever.”

    If you believe that the issue you are having is not due to normal wear and tear then please see below for further assistance. 

    We will not return or exchange underwear... for very obvious reasons. 

  • Refunds

    We unfortunately do not offer refunds.

    We also do not offer cash back on any purchases made.

    In certain case by case scenarios we will do exchanges or Nic Harry credit. 

  •  My Socks Have a Hole in Them

    Bamboo is a very soft fibre. Sometimes holes happen. If the hole has appeared within 7 days of purchase, please email us a photograph of the socks with the hole. You will also need your receipt or your order number. 

    If everything checks out, we’ll ship you a replacement pair of socks on us!

  • My Socks Have Shrunk

    If your socks have shrunk then it’s very likely that you machined dried them (tumble dried). 

    Unfortunately machine drying does shrink natural and soft fibres.

    Please contact us and we’ll try to assist but as a rule we do not offer refunds on shrunk socks.