Men’s Tip Top Tips for High-Tops

Men’s Tip Top Tips for High-Tops

High-top sneakers are incredibly comfortable to wear, can add a blaze of color to any outfit, and look very stylish while doing so. The sleek shape of the shoe streamlines your pants and can add the illusion of height for those on the shorter side.

There is plenty of choices out there when it comes to choosing which high-top sneakers to wear, Converse, Adidas, and Nike are a few of the brands keeping high-tops fashionable year-round.

High-Top History

High-tops originated as an athletic shoe, particularly for the popular American pastime, basketball. The high-top style was believed to provide extra support around the ankle and improve flexibility, vital in an active sport like basketball.

They became associated with the sport in 1921 when American basketball player Charles “Chuck” Taylor joined a basketball team sponsored by the Converse Company called The Converse All Stars.

After becoming a spokesperson for the company, the Chuck Taylor All-Stars became the signature shoe for basketball, even being endorsed as the standard issue for the U.S Olympians in 1936, and for American troops training during World War II.

Eventually, Converse All Stars veered into the casual footwear market, becoming a widespread trend across the globe. Bigger brands such as Nike and Adidas followed suit, and high-tops have found their way into almost every closet across the globe.


Low-Tops, Mids, and High-Tops

Brands like Nike, Reebok and Vans have all come out with their own variations of the high top sneaker to popularise the trend.

The difference between the types of shoes is simple. Low-tops are ankle-grazing shoes that reveal the back of the ankle, and most of the upper foot. Mids reach no higher than the wearer’s ankle.

High-tops, however, are characterized by the shoe extending over the ankle. Most high-top sneakers will come with laces, however slip-on high-tops, while not as popular, are also available.


Styling your High-tops

All-year-round, skinny or slim-fit jeans or chinos work well with high tops. Try to avoid wide leg pants as these tend to hide the sneakers, and detract from the polished off look.

With the abundance of colorful high tops available out there, it’s a good idea to wear brightly colored sneakers (like orange or yellow) with a more subtler shirt or t-shirt on top in order to avoid clashing.

For staple sneaker colors like black, white and blue, bring some variation in with bright socks. For sneakers with patterns on them (like polka dots, stripes, or a print) a sock with a solid color often works the best.

Rolling up the bottoms of jeans or chinos draws attention to the sneakers, and creates a balanced and tidy look. Paired with chambray/denim shirt or printed shirt/ t-shirt, a jacket and bold socks is all you need for an effortlessly stylish look.

In the hot summer months, a t-shirt, shorts and bright socks peeking out of the high tops is a classically cool outfit, perfect for the beach, festivals or other outdoor activities.


Most Popular High-Tops

There are some sneaker and fashion brands that have absolutely dominated the high-top for years now. Air Jordans, Converse Chuck Taylors, Vans, and recently Adidas have all stamped their mark on the high-top trend.

Air Jordan


Michael Jordan’s sneaker namesake has been the dominant force in the sneaker industry since the 80’s. The sneakers have evolved with the times, collaborated with some of the biggest fashion houses and artists, and have always been in fashion.

Every sneaker since the Air Jordan 1’s has been a masterpiece, and most sneaker and fashion heads have had at least one pair in their closet at some point in their lifetime, and it’s easy to see why.

Not only are Jordans some of the most stylish sneakers on the planet, many of them are very affordable, yet all are high-quality. They are also incredibly easy to style, with most models coming in different colorways, allowing you to find the perfect pair for your wardrobe.

Check out the iconic history of this classic sneaker. 

Chuck Taylor’s


Chuck’s are probably the most widely recognised high-tops on the planet. They have been worn by great artists, sportsman, musicians, and celebrities for years, and quickly made their way into millions of people's everyday outfits.

The design has barely changed since they first made their way onto the sneaker scene, making them the definition of retro-modern. There have been hundreds of different colors and patterns thrown onto them, making them one of the most versatile sneakers as well.

The clean-cut look fits into any outfit. If you are a skater, they won’t let you down on the board, hit the basketball court in your favorite pair, rock out at your next concert like Kurt Cobain, or simply wear them wherever you go. They are simple, comfortable, and timeless.

Vans Sk8 Hi-Tops


If you look up “skate shoe” in the dictionary, the Vans Sk8 Hi-Tops will be the first thing that comes up. They are the epitome of stylish skate shoes and can find their way into any outfit, whether you’re hitting the half-pipe or the pavement.

These sneakers can be dressed up or dressed down, and much like the Chuck’s and Jordan’s, they have been a firm favourite since the day this iconic silhouette debuted. It has never gone out of fashion.

Pair them with some baggy shorts and a t-shirt for a day at the beach or in the city, and at night time, dress them up with some chino’s and a button up, they will definitely catch people’s attention, and their versatility is endless.

High-Tops are probably the most popular sneaker silhouette to ever come onto the fashion scene. They are versatile, incredibly stylish, and can fit into any outfit and into any situation. If you don’t have a pair already, what are you waiting for? You’ll still be wearing them in 10 years, believe us.

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