Nic Harry Turns Five!

Nic Harry Turns Five!

Holy socks, Batman, it's been five years of putting socks on feet! What a time to be alive when a guy can start a company that sells socks on the Internet and, ship them around the world and actually earn a living. 

Some time in 2012 I decided that I wanted to sell socks as my next fun side project. In November of that same year we launched NicSocks and started selling our first three sock designs made from bamboo fibers. 

Five years later and we're selling hundreds of thousands of pairs of bamboo socks every year. We've also grown our product range to include amazing bamboos t-shirts and underwear. We ship our products across the globe, we've launched a European warehouse to service our loyal fans in the EU and the UK and we've rolled out a few stores in South Africa. 

It hasn't all been dreamy as I wrote about recently. There have been tough times and fantastic times and this is what makes building a company such a thrill. 

As a small thank you to our fantastic loyal sock fans and the new ones who haven't discovered us yet, we're going on sale! 

We're giving you 1/5 off everything for November. That's right, 20% off everything* for the entire month

Simple click around our store, pick something you like and BAM, it's at 20% off. You can also visit our physical locations and get the same fantastic reward for just being there for us over the past five years. Well done you!


*This doesn't include our subscriptions which are already great value for money.


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