Our Story

Who is Nic Harry?

Nic Harry pioneered the fashion sock industry in South Africa. The company was founded by Nic Haralambous in Cape Town back in 2012. The goal was to create a daring and environmentally conscious style company. Nic is no longer involved in the Nic Harry business but this ethos is still part of everything we do.

Our purpose

Nic started Nic Harry because he didn’t have enough choice when he went shopping. He built this business for the men and woman out there who are tired of being boxed into a corner every day with dull colours and bland design.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our socks are absolutely amazing!! They have the ability to make you feel something special each morning when you put them on. You can either feel especially dull or especially socksational. We obviously lean towards socksational.

Our socks are made from incredibly soft and luxurious bamboo fibres. We work closely with our factory to produce the most comfortable socks that you could possibly put on your feet. We don’t make anything that we won’t wear. We are focused on incredible style and amazing quality. Quality takes time to produce.

Incredible Design

Our style items are designed in house. Everything we design is worn by our team and our community before we sell it. We wear what we love, we sell what we wear. It's simple.

We Care About The Planet

Harmful business practices must end. We've taken a stand to protect our planet wherever possible. We recycle, we use environmentally conscious fabrics, cleaner and processes wherever we can. Our goal is to leave the planet in a better position that when we started our company.

We Believe in Entrepreneur

Nic Harry began with a great idea and a small investment. Out of that investment grew the business we are proud of and a business that is growing.


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