I'm Tired of Male Judgement

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For as long as I can remember I've been mocked and challenged about the way that I dress, my hairstyle, my beard, my tattoos and anything else that was different. I have a few frustrating questions that have gone unanswered in my life and I'd like to ask some of them now, publicly, in the hopes of finding some answers. What exactly does "different" mean? Different from what? Who defines "different"? The most overwhelmingly depressing thought that I have in relation to style is that most men are forced to wear the same thing every day. They are forced to wear the same thing as their colleagues, as other offices, as other people in the same industries in different places around the world. Many men wear the same clothes for their entire lives because other men tell them to, directly or indirectly. That's a sad state of affairs. Who says that the same is better? Who was the person that decided it was better that we all look the same and that anyone who differs from the norm should rightfully be mocked by other men who all look the same? Who is that guy? I want to know because I fucking hate that guy. I'll bet that in every group of friends there is that one guy who you can guarantee will make an insulting comment if you're wearing something new or different when you go out. Seriously, take a second to think about your group of friends. What's his name? That one guy. Or, how about that guy who tells you how gay you look when you wear those pink socks you love so much? That last one pisses me off on so many levels I can barely think of where to start. Let me try; Who was the guy that decided to use the word gay as an insult? I hate that guy. Who was the guy that decided that pink is not a colour that everyone can wear? Who assigned gender to colours? I hate that guy too (you know it was a guy). Lastly, who the hell gave that guy permission to open his ignorant mouth and judge the colour of my socks? I really, really hate that guy. Do men like this not have anything better to do? Did his father never teach him that if he doesn't have anything nice to say it's better to say nothing at all? How about you shut your judge-hole, wear your boring grey everything and look like every other judgemental lemming out there. I'll wear my pink socks, thanks.  


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