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It's sometime difficult to explain who wears NicSocks, what kind of gentleman we like to look after and aim to be. But then we discovered the Fierce Gentleman Manifesto. It's a long read but they were kind enough to provide 21 points from the manifesto. Here they are for your reading pleasure:
  1. We seek first to heal our own wounds, and do our own work.
  2. We seek, men and women, to find our way back to each other.
  3. We seek to build a world that works for everybody.
  4. We dare greatly in pursuit of our vision.
  5. We renounce status-seeking in favor of a purpose-driven life.
  6. We surrender emotional control in favor of emotional maturity.
  7. We exchange competence in violence for competence in non-violence.
  8. We give up divided attention so that we may practice Presence.
  9. We seek liberation from the ego.
  10. We refuse to bow to fear of economic scarcity.
  11. Women are not the source of our problems.
  12. We live chivalrous lives, with unending adoration for women, our co-creators of the world.
  13. There is no “Other” that we demonize.
  14. We take personal responsibility for the state of the world.
  15. We understand at last what true Wealth is, and where it comes from.
  16. Morality is our daily habit: we exercise generosity, maintain strong determination, make diligent and sustained effort, give selfless Love, tell the truth in all cases and all ways, discipline ourselves, show tolerance, seek wisdom, practice renunciation, and cultivate equanimity.
  17. We play our real edge.
  18. We address the biggest problems we are capable of solving.
  19. We refuse to turn against our Brothers.
  20. We stand undefended against the world.
  21. We are for the integrity of the interconnected individual who, listening to the wisdom of their hearts, finds the courage to act.
Are you a Fierce Gentleman?
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