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At Nic Harry, the names of our socks are as unique as our brand. People often ask us what inspires a design and how we come up with a name. Design-inspiration come from everywhere. It’s about predicting what the customer wants, and looking at what sock designs people love. Currently our founder has been inspired by floor patterns, shared on sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Our sock names vary depending on the design. Some of our sock names are quite literal, like the Green with Purple Stripe Sock, Blue with Yellow Stripe Sock and the Purple Stripe Sock. Sometimes you just need straightforward and to the point. Dividing-Line-PurpleBaby-Blue-w-Yellow-Stripe-Bamboo-SockPurple-Stripe-Sock It would be impossible to be a South African based company, and not love animals. A number of our socks are named after animals that we love, or that we think embody the best qualities of the animal like The Black Panther, Tree Frog, Caterpillar SocksThe Red Panther and Bamboo Black Zebra. medi-black-pantherTree-Frog-Green-Blue-Stripe-SockCaterpillar-Bamboo-SockRed-PantherBlack-Bamboo-Zebra Many of our socks in the Polka Dot Family are named after fruit, like the Grape Sock, the Apricot Sock and the Apple Sock. Vibrant and fresh, what’s not to love? The-GrapeThe-Apricots-overlay-smallApple2 And finally, we couldn’t live in Cape Town and not be inspired by art. Socks like the Green Escher Triangle Sockthe Blue Escher Square Sock and The De Stijl were all inspired and named after art movements. escher-triangle-socks-700x930Escher-Block-Socksdestijl-700x930


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