Style Q&A with Dion Chang

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This week we kick of our Style Q&A with the man who became the very first NicSocks Aficionado and constantly leads the way in fashion and trends in SA, Dion Chang (owner and CEO of Flux Trends). Dion-Chang_FluxNic Harry: What is your favourite item of clothing? Dion Change: My Zeppelin jeans by Religion NH: What is the oldest item of clothing you own? DC: My father's 1950's skinny tie. (He passed away in 2006). NH: Who is your favourite fashion designer? DC: Any designer who blurs the boundaries of art and fashion - my favourite, the late great Alexander McQueen NH: How many suits do you own? DC: About 8 that are worn regularly. Then I have a collection of designer one offs that are more of an archive. NH: How often do you wear a tie? DC: Regularly, but I generally only wear skinny black ties and usually my dad's (see q2) NH: Favourite accessory? (wrist band, watch, pocket square, tie, etc etc) DC: My nguni skin belts NH: How often do you shop for clothing? DC: Whenever I travel overseas NH: Do you shop online for clothes and where? DC: Mostly local online retailers like Spree, Superbalist and of course, Nic Harry NH: What’s the last thing you bought online? DC: A pair of 3 tone brogues. NH: Your least favourite thing to wear? DC: I don't wear things that don't make me happy. NH: Most expensive fashion item you’ve ever purchased? DC: Shoes NH: When was the last time you did the washing yourself and hung the clothes? DC: Every year in December when I usually stay put in Jozi while the lemming run to the coast is underway. NH: What kind of a shopper are you? Dash and leave or meander and browse? DC: A combination of both. I recce (to get my eye in - necessary whenever you arrive in a foreign city) then do a blitz purchasing run when I know what I really want. NH: Does anyone help you shop or dress? DC: I left Downton Abbey ages ago. NH: Where do you look for style or fashion inspiration? DC: In my mind's eye Follow Dion on Instagram to see more style and trend hunting like the featured image above.


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