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This week's Style Q&A features our newest aficionado, Herschelle Gibbs. Just in case you're not aware of who Herschelle is, here's a brief bio from the man himself: Cricketer and aspiring golfer. I love that Herschelle describes himself in such straight-forward terms but there's definitely more to this story that he tells. If you want to read up further about the South African cricketing legend then check out his Wikipedia page. Herschelle Gibbs StyleNic Harry: What is your favourite item of clothing? Herschelle Gibbs: Jeans NH: What is the oldest item of clothing you own? HG: Dolce and Gabbana suede blazer, I've had it for nine years NH: Who is your favourite fashion designer? HG: Dolce and Gabbana NH: What was your favourite item of clothing as child? HG: Formal shoes NH: How many suits do you own? HG: Not too many, never needed them NH: How often do you wear a tie? HG: Hardly, especially because our summers are so hot! NH: Favourite accessory? (wrist band, watch, pocket square, tie, etc etc) HG: Watch NH: How often do you shop for clothing? HG: Not often at all but always looking out for a timeless item. NH: Do you shop online for clothes and where? HG: I don't shop online. NH: Most expensive fashion item you’ve ever purchased? HG: A watch NH: Your least favourite thing to wear? HG: Cap... I've got a tiny melon, never find a nice cap anywhere! NH: When was the last time you did the washing yourself and hung the clothes? HG: Never, sad but true lol NH: What kind of a shopper are you? HG: Patient one but selective NH: Does anyone help you shop or dress? HG: Nope, too fussy for anyone else to help out. NH: Where do you look for style or fashion inspiration? HG: Plenty ideas on Instagram and mags are always a good source.

Quick shots

NH: Winter of Summer styles? HG: Both NH: Sneakers or slops? HG: Slops NH: Button up or t-shirt? HG: T-shirt NH: Denims or chinos? HG: Denims NH: Shirts: Tucked in or left out? HG: Tucked in
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