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Jon Savage is currently one of the NicSocks Aficionados. We like him. We like his style and wanted to find out more about the way he dresses and a few other things. So we started a Style Q&A. This is a new feature that we'll be doing as often as we can. Jon is the very first person that we've asked these questions and his answers are top notch, obviously. So here goes... NH: What is your favourite item of clothing? JS: My shoes. white trickers. fuck. they are the most epic shoes that were ever created. I wear them everywhere always. NH: What is the oldest item of clothing you own? JS: Old band t-shirts that I don't wear but keep. NH: Who is your favourite fashion designer? JS: I don't have a favourite designer but I do have a favourite fashion guru! my mother is the hippest fashion expert on the planet. if you're a girl and don't believe me, check out NH: What was your favourite item of clothing as child? JS: Clip-on sunglass lenses that clipped on to my glasses (yuk). NH: How many suits do you own? JS: More than 3. NH: How often do you wear a tie? JS: Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever. NH: Favourite accessory? JS: Ok so I have this weird thing with my hands, they get very hot - so I hate wearing any jewellery and watches etc. I inherited a beautiful vintage watch from my dad when he passed away. It is my favourite accessory but I never wear it. NH: How often do you shop for clothing? JS: I never shop for clothing practically. But when something catches my eye, I have to have it. NH: Do you shop online for clothes and where? JS: Yes. NHsocks! [Ed's note: We didn't ask JS to say that, but it does work well, doesn't it?] NH: What’s the last thing you bought online? JS: Jack White's new insane vinyl record that plays 45 on the one side and 78 on the other side. AND. you can play the label as a bonus track! Genius! NH: Most expensive fashion item you’ve ever purchased? JS: It might be my Etra trench coat. NH: Your least favourite thing to wear? JS: Pants. I really hate pants. I wish I could never ever put pants on ever. NH: When was the last time you did the washing yourself and hung the clothes? JS: It’s a joint venture at our house. I don’t always do the actual washing but I often do the hanging. NH: What kind of a shopper are you? Dash and leave or meander and browse? JS: DASH! LEAVE! NH: Does anyone help you shop or dress? JS: Yes. NH: Where do you look for style or fashion inspiration? JS: Mick Jagger. Late 50's. In my head, I live in those photographs.

Quick Shots

NH: Winter of summer styles? JS: Winter. NH: Sneakers or slops? JS: Sneakers. NH: Boxers or briefs? JS: Briefs. NH: Button up or t-shirt? JS: Either. NH: Denims or chinos? JS: Denim. NH: Shirts: Tucked in or left out?  JS: Out and raggedy. always look smart by accident but be sure to make it clear that you didn't make the effort. JS, you're a rockstar in the literal and metaphorical sense (see what we did there?) and we're happy to have you wearing our socks. If you liked this interview, stick around 'cause we've got more coming. Sign up to our newsletter to get more style-centric content and 20% off your next purchase.
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