Father's Day Gifts

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Every year the day comes around and every year sons, daughters, moms and dads are left wondering what to buy for their fathers on Father's Day. This year is no different with a single exception; we know exactly what you should be buying for all of your fathers. Yes, even you young Skywalker. Let us begin with the simple sock as a Father's Day Gift. They initially make you think of the old days when socks and soap on a rope were consolation prizes because kids forgot about their dads. No more! Socks are back and better than ever. You get to choose from bamboo or cotton socks, you get to choose from a multitude of colours, designs, shapes and patterns. There is no reason to leave your Father's feet bland and boring this year.   The Purple Zig Zag The Brown Zig Zag The Phinda Sock The Sabie SockSHOP SOCKS NOW! However, if your dad absolutely insists on a black sock for work, then consider buying him some of our incredible formal range of socks. They're black but with a touch of style and a dash of colour. Perfect for work and wrapped incredibly in our custom made packaging. Formal-Sock-Pack SHOP FORMAL SOCKS! Our favourite suggestion for your father's day gifts is definitely the Nic Harry Packs. These genious little gifts provide variety, style and a splash of colour. There are packs with only socks in them, packs with pocket squares in them and packs with just about any type of style accessory you could dream of. Yellow-Accessory-Pack   SHOP PACKS NOW! If you are at an absolute loss as to what your Father would want then our suggestion is that you send him a Nic Harry Gift Card. You get to choose how much you want to spend, you add a note and send the gift card to your dad via email. Or if that's a bit impersonal for you, you can send the gift card to your own email and print it out to give to him on the day! NH-Gift-Card-Own-Amount


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