First Thursdays in Cape Town | Nic Harry South Africa
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Cape Town has an amazing event once a month. It's called First Thursday. As the name suggests, on the first Thursday of every month the CBD community of store owners, art galleries, bars, restaurants and everything in between stay open through the night. That's right. Nic Harry will be open until about 10pm on the first Thursday of every month. If you struggle to get to the store and make your holiday purchases then this is the event for you. Visit us at 66 Wale Street on the First Thursday of every month and we'll be open. We're right next door to honest chocolate and the Gin Bar on Wale street so pop around, buy some socks, scoff some chocolate and pound a gin at the Gin Bar! If you can't visit us, be sure to take a look at our full range of luxury bamboo socks and style. We deliver free in the USA and throughout South Africa! Shop for daring socks right now!
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