NicSocks in Dollars

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For months and months we've been deciding whether we should stick with our store currency as Rands or flip over to the more widely accepted Dollar currency. We've finally made the choice to move over US Dollars. There are a couple of simple reasons for this. Firstly we have a lot of overseas customers who are battling to pay us in rands from all over the world. We don't want to starve any fashion-forward man from owning a pair of proudly South African NicSocks. Now customers from anywhere in the world can use Paypal to pay us for their socks. Another fantastic reason for switching to dollars is the support for recurring billing via Paypal. Now you can truly have a sock subscription. Rest assured, you'll still have the option to pay us upfront for your sock subsription if you really want to. This change wont have any material affect on the price that you pay for socks. We'll also be giving users from around the world their choise of currency to display in the store. So everyone's happy!
image by: Seth Thomas Rasmussen


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