The Boring State of Menswear at the Golden Globes 2017 | Nic Harry South Africa
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Awards shows are meant to be amazing displays of style, class and celebrity. That's true if you're interested in women's fashion. It's a big fat farce if you want to see anything new or interesting in men's fashion. It seems to me that at the men attending the 2017 Golden Globes were so overwhelmed with the fear of being judged that no one (except for Donald Glover) stepped out into the wild and tried to do anything unique or even remotely interesting. Here's what Esquire Magazine considers to be the best dressed men: [gallery columns="2" size="medium" link="none" ids="202066,202067,202068,202069,202070,202071,202072,202073"] Thank goodness for Donald Glover. Rocking that brown crushed velvet tux with a purple bowtie. We salute you, Donald. Look, if you want to rock a black tuxedo and it makes you feel special and handsome, then I'm all for it. I'm just baffled by the lack of colour. How are the men above "best dressed" when they all look the same? What's different or unique or interesting enough about their outfits to qualify the best dressed prize? To me, they should all win the unity prize for unknowingly arriving at the awards show with coordinated outfits. Why don't men at awards shows dress with inspiration from the women that attend? The ladies rocked some impressive outfits: [gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="202076,202077,202078,202079,202080,202081,202082,202083"] When is it going to be acceptable for men to wear a yellow tuxedo? When will men be able to wear a white tuxedo with red and orange flamed details running up the leg like the dress Thandi Newton is wearing? If you're a celebrity and attending an awards show, I'd think that there would be enough bravado to really show off a pop of colour. Let's bring some colour to the red carpet. You can start with your socks.
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