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[giveaway id=193560] There was a time when grooms needed to wear black and white to their weddings. When looking good was reserved for the bride. Those days are over. Nic Harry believes in a groom's right to choose. Choose your partner, choose your venue, choose your music and choose your style. No more dull colours. No more boring groomsmen. No longer should a best man be kitted out in plain black socks or an empty jacket lapel.

Today we launch a giveaway for the grooms. We're giving two grooms R2,000 worth of socks and accessories from the Nic Harry collection!

The winners get to pick from the entire Nic Harry range, which includes ties, tie clips, shoelaces, pocket squares, lapel pins, scarves and of course our signature socks! The winning grooms will be featured on our website, with photos of them and their retinue dressed in Nic Harry apparel on the special day! Bring style to your wedding with Nic Harry!
Fine print
The competition is open to grooms anywhere in the world and free shipping will be provided. The winning grooms will be expected to provide Nic Harry with a wedding invitation, in order to verify the upcoming wedding. Photographs from the wedding will be used on the Nic Harry website, and its social media channels.
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