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Nic Harry, in partnership with Dawn Wing, has a very exciting announcement! We love to make things more personalised and convenient for you, and now with the launch of the latest and most advanced service delivery in South Africa, you can keep track of all your online orders! _DSC0875With the new ‘Follow My Parcel’ service introduced by DPD Laser, the company behind this innovative game-changer, you can watch your socks as they make their way to you. They are giving you more control to make your online shopping as personalised and smooth as possible. Customers will receive an SMS notification about the expected delivery time and confirm the delivery address, which can be changed at any time during the day. That means if something unexpected crops up (as they are bound to do) all you’ve got to do is update when or where you want your order delivered to, and presto, it’ll be there! Additionally, the service also provides details about the driver and vehicle delivering your package, as well as a live map to track the driver, so that you can watch as your socks brave dense traffic and avoid erratic taxis to get to you! No more late deliveries, no more waiting around, just better service for the best Nic Harry products!

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