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I've known it for a while now and at Nic Harry we've been telling people about this at every opportunity but it finally seems like the world is catching on. Elite Daily has written a fairly lengthy article about the rebellious and successful value of bold socks. We couldn't agree more. There are some not-so-great endorsements from successful men like former US president George Bush Senior but we can look past that I think. He might be one of the most disliked people around the world but he still looks stylish rocking his fun socks. Quartz seems to agree that everyone needs to start wearing wackier socks to work. For Nic Harry loyalists, our bold socks are about bravado and a statement in the work place or any other for that matter. I've been wearing bold, wacky, fun and incredible socks for years. Every morning when I put my socks on my feet and my shoes on my socks I have a smile on my face and a pride to start my day with. Some say its manners, but we say Socks Maketh The Man.
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