10 Quick Tips About Men's Style

10 Quick Tips About Men's Style

Sometimes it's impossible to know what to do with certain parts of your wardrobe, certain understood rules and/or regulations that no one told you about. So we've put together a quick-fire list of 10 tips about men's style that you should know.

10. When to tuck your shirt in

This one is easy: If the bottom of your shirt is long in the front and back and short at the sides, tuck that bad boy right in there. No option. If it's the same length all the way round, you'll have the option to leave it out.

9. How to clean denim

Washing denim can do damage so it's best to avoid washing your favourite pair of denims every week. If you're starting to get funny looks in the elevator at work then you should shove your denims into the freezer at home over night. The cold will kill the smell-creating bacteria. We're serious, that isn't a joke we're playing on you. Denim, in freezer.

8. Fold your sweaters

Don't hang sweaters. It's really simple: If you hang them, they will stretch out and then won't fit you. The one way to look great is to wear fitted clothing. A man doesn't let another man stretch out his sweaters.

7. Never button the bottom button

I'm not entirely sure why suits even have a bottom button any more but the rules are simple: Always button the middle button, sometimes button the top (and middle) button but never, for the love all things decent, button the bottom button.

6. A button-down needs no tie

Button-Down-Collars Button-down shirts are not formal shirts, they are more casual. If you're wearing a tie with a button-down collar then you should probably take the tie off. You could leave the tie on and remove the shirt but your colleagues might look at you funny.

5. Undershirts

If you perspire an inordinate amount, just wear an undershirt. Don't make it awkward for the people around you and for yourself.

4. Socks

It's OK if your socks don't match your pants or shoes. It's also OK if your socks don't match each other. What's not OK is if you're apologising for your choice and decision. Own it and be confident. Confidence overrides style 9 times out of 10.

3. Shiny shoes

As a rule of thumb - the shinier the shoe, the dressier the show. It's not an unbreakable rule, but it's a good one to stick to if you're feeling a bit lost.

2. Tie length

Your tie should reach (and just touch) the top of your belt. If it hangs between your legs, it's too long. If you button your jacket up (The top button, of course) and you can see the bottom of your tie above the button, it's too short. Don't be shy to redo it.

1. Tie bars

Tie bars are best worn between the third and fourth button and shouldn't pull your tie down.
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