Best Places to Hire a Suit in SA (CT, Durbs, JHB, PE & PTA)

Best Places to Hire a Suit in SA (CT, Durbs, JHB, PE & PTA)

Not everyone has the cash to buy themselves a 3-piece suit, and some of us have never even purchased one. But what if you get a wedding invite? Or you have to attend a formal function? Maybe your matric dance? You are going to need a suit.

If you can’t afford to buy a brand new suit, or you see no need in having one, hiring a suit is definitely the best solution. We have gathered the best suit hire establishments from across the country to help you out when you’re in a bind, no matter where you are.


Suit Hire in South Africa

Where to hire a suit in Cape Town and Surrounds

Mr. Suit Hire
Toffie Lane, Claremont
021 683 6230

Amier Suit Hire and Bridal Wear
46 Raglan Avenue, Crawford
082 790 5183

Top Hat Suit Co.
Heritage Square, 63 Buitengracht St.
Cape Town City Centre
021 424 3578

Smart Men Suit Hire
7B, Courtyard Building, Gants Centre
Somerset West
021 853 5999

Where to hire a suit in Johannesburg

The Dress Suit
59 Corlett Drive, Illovo
011 440 4325

Wedding and Suit International
29C Nicol Road, Bedfordview
074 352 5330

97 Protea Road, Cnr Rivonia Road, Chislehurston, Sandton
011 783 7438

Bridal and Tuxedo
Forest Drive, Shop 12, The Pearls of Fourways shopping center, Fourways
011 465 3848

Where to hire a suit in Pretoria

Duncan Street & Duxbury Road, Hillcrest
012 342 6632

Shop 17B, Corner Jean and Gerhard Avenue, Jean Village Shopping Centre, Centurion
012 664 5406

Shop G5, Parkview Shopping Centre, Corner Garsfontein & Netcare Road, Moreleta Park
012 998 0252

Where to hire a suit in Durban

Dominion Outfitters
397 Dr Pixley Kaseme Street, Durban Central
031 306 0715

Suit Yourself
53 Adelaide Tambo Drive, Durban North
031 564 2188

Suit Up
52 Norfolk Terrace, Grayleigh
031 266 9134

Where to hire a suit in Port Elizabeth

Hire Society
35 Westbourne Road, Port Elizabeth Central
041 373 6086

Heinz in Style
45 3rd Avenue, Newton Park
041 365 2707

Where to hire a suit in East London

Best Man
Shop 10, Patcyn Centre, 52 Frere Road, Vincent
043 721 2228

Kingons C C
82 Queen Street, Cambridge
043 726 3213


How To Fit Your Suit

When you get a suit, there are a few aspects of it that you need to check to make sure the suit fits you correctly. If you are renting or buying it, there will be a shop assistant who can help you, but you still want to know this information yourself.



No amount of tailoring can fix a bad shoulder. When trying on your jacket, make sure the shoulder seam ends just at the outside of your shoulders, not just before, and not far over, just at the edge.

Most men make the mistake of not knowing their jacket sizes. Jacket sizes will also vary, you won’t be the same size your whole life. Use this fitting guide to find your size, not what you think your size is.



Seeing if the jacket fits your chest is pretty easy. Button the jacket up, and if the lapels lie flat, you have the right size. If the lapels bow at all, it means the jacket is too small. You can see if it is too big, the sleeves will be too long, or the cut will be too low.

Side note, a very simple yet sleek look, would be combining slim lapels, a slim tie, and a slim collared shirt. It keeps the whole look in sync and is suitable for every event from a Matric dance, to a cocktail party.



There is a simple test to see if the jacket fits your torso well. With the jacket buttoned, slide your thumb between the jacket button and your gut. If it is snug, it fits well, if it is loose, you need to have the jacket tailored and brought in a bit.



The fit on your arms is also easy to figure out. The jacket arms should fit your actual arms, and follow the lines of your arms very closely. With regards to the length, the arms should stop to show about 3-4 cm of shirt cuff.

If you are buying a suit, the arms will almost always be a bit baggy, if anything, they will be the thing that never fits properly. They can be easily fixed by a tailor, just keep in mind you need to get the tailored.



Pants are easy, fasten them at your natural waist, which is just below your belly-button. If they are too loose, get them tailored. Another aspect is the amount of material in the leg. If you can grab a fistful of leg material, there is too much, and a tailor can slim them to give you a sleek and fitted look.


Pants Hem

Most suit pants come with untailored hems that are too long. You need to get them sewn and tailored so they sit just above your shoes, or just on top of your shoes, no longer, and no shorter.

Learn more about your pants break here too, don't ask questions, just thank us later. 



There are many suit accessories that you should consider when you hit your next event. Tie clips, belts, and your choice of socks can elevate your suit from being a regular, fade into the crowd outfit, to something that stands out.


Your belt must always match your shoes. This is an old rule that will never change. If your shoes are black, your belt is black, if your shoes are brown, your belt is brown. A very simple rule, but one that must not be broken.


Tip Cips

A tip clip is a small, but noticeable detail that just takes your suit to the next level. It will keep your tie in place, prevent it from flapping around, and preserve your sleek look.


Socks are where you can show your creativity and playful side. There is no limit to the colors or patterns you can wear. You can choose any pair of socks to go with your suit, the more bold, the better.

Socks do not have to match anything you are wearing and therefore can make you stand out in the most subtle way. If your pant hems are tailored nicely, just enough of your socks will be visible, allowing people to know you have a bit of a colorful side.

Now that you know where to find a suit, how to fit it properly, and which accessories will help you stand out from the crowd, we hope you have some direction and information now that will help you suit up perfectly for your next big event.


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