Monochrome For Men - Old vs New

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Monochrome makes a statement. If you live by the motto of ‘I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour’ monochrome is for you. Commonly associated with a more formal look, monochrome has become casual streetwear, perfect for any occasion. The effortless look is reliable in most situations, and translates to a sophisticated yet masculine exterior. Don’t be bound by the rules of classic monochrome, instead break the uniformed look by mixing in key accessories. Here is exactly how to wear modern monochrome updated from the rules of the timeless classic. Classic rule: Monochrome is only black and white. Modern rule: Monochrome can incorporate shades of grey. Think two-toned shirts or jackets. Classic rule: Shoes must be black if paired with black pants. Modern rule: With the rise of the sneaker, the rules are less strict. White sneakers paired with black pants look striking and stylish, complementing the overall outfit. Two-toned sneakers are also a great way to update this look. Classic rule: Keep accessories to a minimum. Modern rule: Hats, beanies and caps are all great additions to the monochrome look. With a variety of choices available, choosing your headgear is up to the occasion. For winter, a houndstooth scarf is a great way to keep the look monochrome. Classic rule: Stick to solids. Modern rule: Embrace patterns; from stripes, and prints to florals. This can be applied to all clothing items, from pants, to shirts, t-shirts or jackets. Just make sure to match prints to avoid a busy outfit. Classic rule: Monochrome is one- dimensional and simplistic. Modern rule: Monochrome is more than just throwing on black clothing. It is about depth through clothing, therefore different textures and fabrics are key. While the look says effortless, it does require thought to pull it off. Classic rule: White suits are outdated. Modern rule: White suits are a great alternative for summer occasions. Bold and stylish, they stand out from the crowd. Just make sure your suit is tailored and well-fitted. Classic rule: Wearing all black and a leather jacket is too edgy. Modern rule: Leather jackets are the perfect accessory for a monochrome look. This can be substituted for a bomber jacket for informal settings, or a blazer for smarter occasions. Classic rule: Stick to one colour for a suit. Modern rule: Black suit pants paired with a white blazer is edgy yet stylish. The outfit works well with black leather lace ups. And don’t forget your bowtie.


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