The Lapel Pin Isn't Just For The Lapel | Nic Harry South Africa
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Getting hung up on the traditions around fashion can be a crippling experience. What colours are allowed to match with which other colours? Where does your watch go? What belt with which shoes? (OK, brown does need to go with brown, no black and brown mixing). However there are some things that you don't need to take too seriously. At Nic Harry we firmly believe that one of them is the lapel pin. We've got a wide variety for you to choose from in our selection, offering you a unique and interesting way to add personality to your style. But just because they're called "lapel" pins, doesn't mean they have to be stuck to your lapel. Our founder personally enjoy wearing a colourful pin on his shirt pocket without a jacket since it's summer. Have a look, it works: Lapel-Pin-Shirt Next time you're thinking of going down the same route that generations of men have gone before, stop and try something different. Place your lapel pin on your shirt and leave the jacket at home. Try something unique.


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