5 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Inspiration

Sometimes we need a bit of inspiration. Being stylish is about crafting a unique look that suits a person’s physique, characteristics and the occasion, but every now and then, we need to turn to those who make it their living to live and breathe style. Luckily, in the twenty-first century, paying attention to how you dress is a widely accepted, even encouraged, phenomenon, and gone are the days when style inspiration came strictly from actors and celebrities. Now, there are style bloggers, fashion writers and a whole host of other jobs dedicated to showcasing daringly stylish combinations, allowing the everyday man to draw inspiration from those who dedicate their lives to style. Here are the stylish ‘everyday’ men on Instagram, who inspire and influence with their original style. Adam Gallagher A blogger by trade, he approaches dressing with a playful eagerness that reflects his passion and youthfulness. With incredible backdrops setting the scene for each of his photos, he demonstrates exactly how to dress for every occasion. Draw inspiration from his ‘try-anything’ attitude, and don’t be afraid to apply this to your own sense of style. Blake Scott Blake Scott is the perfect embodiment of working man attire. His style is refined and polished, displaying his attention to detail through choice pieces- with special significance placed on the suit. His account emphasises the importance of shoes, and taking care of them, demonstrating exactly how they serve to complement an outfit. Fabio Attanasio Scott Attanasio is a fashion blogger and freelance journalist. One look at his confident sense of style verifies the sizable following on his account. Draw from his passion for tailoring, by choosing pieces that are always well-fitting and correctly-sized. With a penchant for mixing suit colours, his playful style is evident in everything he wears. Johannes Huebl He is one of the most re-grammed men on Instagram, and makes up one half of a truly stylish couple. As a German model, his look is polished yet obtainable. A fan of the suit, he likes to experiment with different fabrics and patterns. Channel his style this summer by pairing oxford shirts of bright colours, with comfortable chino-like shorts. Matthew Zorpas He made it to number two on Esquire UK’s best dressed list, and a simple perusal of his Instagram account explains why. He dresses with ease, and pays attention to accessories- something men should imitate. A fan of hats and bags, his style is edgy yet stylishly original. Like Zorpas, remember the little things when dressing, in order to make an overall statement.  
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