Nic Harry Launches Bamboo T-Shirts

5 years ago Nic Harry started off as a sock business. I love socks. They're an expression of my style and a great place for people to start when they want to add a bit of colour to an outfit. 

In the past we've experimented with a wide range of products including umbrellas, ties, pocket squares, lapel pins and many others. 

Today I am so proud to launch our very first range of bamboo t-shirts. 

Why We Chose Bamboo

We've had such great response from our bamboo socks over the past 5 years that we decided we wanted to push the fiber as far as it could go.

Bamboo is breathable, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and comfy as hell to wear. Since I started wearing our bamboo t-shirts, everything else feels rough on my skin. These are the most comfortable t-shirts that I've ever worn and I hope you'll agree once you've put them on. 

South African Made

As with our socks, our t-shirts are produced locally. The yarn is knitted locally, the designs are printed locally and the shirts are put together in Cape Town. We are proud to work with experts in South Africa to make the best possible product out there. We support local and we think it matters that we continue to do so for a long as we can. 

Designs You Love

I experimented with many, many, many designs before understanding what we wanted the Nic Harry t-shirt to look and feel like. I didn't only want the regular chest print. I wanted to start with a simple, clean, white t-shirt and enhance it with a subtle but fun design that you know and love. 

There are very few items in a man's wardrobe that scream class and simplicity as much as a well fitted white t-shirt. 

Try them, you'll never look back. 

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