10 Style Lessons From James Bond

10 Style Lessons From James Bond

James Bond’s relevancy is seemingly timeless. Starting out as British propaganda during war times; the master of espionage and danger has evolved since the days of cheesy dialogue and unrealistic sequences. The latest films have taken it back to basics - with a darker and edgier twist on the classic stories of Sir Ian Fleming. The more plausible storylines, coupled with Bond’s suave charm and the focus on style and simplicity, demonstrate his constant evolution throughout the ages. In celebration of the longevity of Bond, here are ten tips that can be learnt from the super spy, 007.

1. A Tailored Tux Is Never A Bad Thing

Sean Connery, as one of the most recognisable Bonds, first introduced a fast-talking, chain-smoking charisma to the spy on the big screen in 1962. With his perfectly tailored tuxedo, penchant for high-stakes gambling, beautiful women and fast cars, he is the quintessential star of his time. Sean Connery embodied 007 and then some, becoming the ultimate symbol for tailored tuxedos, bow ties and pocket squares. Almost 60 years down the line, he’s still as relevant as ever, teaching everyone that style is truly timeless.

2. Looking Good Helps You Feel Good

James Bond is the ultimate man’s man; the smooth talking, shaken-not-stirred martini drinker, he always leaves a lasting impression. However, he owes his charm and mysteriousness to his impeccable style. Bond without a suit is like mobile phone without reception. Bond demonstrates the importance of looking good through his unshakeable confidence which he maintains in every situation; disarming terrorists and the like with his groomed and stylish exterior. He is the ultimate example of poise, proving that feeling good is based on looking good.

3. Casual Does Not Mean Scruffy

Bond proves that style does not need to be compromised, even in situations that don’t call for a smart dress code. Bond’s choice of casual gear maintains a tailored look, pairing collared shirts with chinos in less formal occasions. 2216d47886ec13830b28872e522d4afa Even his swimming costume is tailored

4. Accessories Maketh The Man

Bond is a firm believer that accessories are to be embraced. And while his high-tech gadgets are regrettably unobtainable, his stylish accessories like hats, cufflinks and watches are useful ways to embrace originality.

5. Prepare Outfits for Unexpected Situations

007 teaches us to always be prepared and never be caught unaware. No terrain is too much for Bond. As Timothy Dalton in Licence to Kill states: “Prepare for the unexpected”. Channel his preparedness by having an outfit for every occasion that can be dressed up with additions like bright ties and bold socks.

6. Waistcoats Are Versatile

Waistcoats are perfectly suitable for activity. If James Bond can fight a Russian spy in a waistcoat, you can definitely dance in one at your cousin’s wedding.

7. Embrace Boldness

Bond does not shy away from embracing all aspects of his suit- including his lapel, which he occasionally adorns with a bright red flower. Embrace his boldness with choice lapel pins that reflect individuality, and add confidence to every outfit.

8. You Can Still Look Good When Travelling

Travel is no time to slack on style. Bond proves that every occasion is a chance to look good, demonstrating an ease within every situation, while keeping danger at bay.

9. White Suit Jackets Are Awesome

Bond knows how to wear a white suit jacket. Paired with a white shirt, black bow tie and black suit pants, he effortlessly reveals exactly how to pull off this bold look.

10. Grooming Is Imperative

And finally, Bond teaches us the importance of grooming. A 007 with facial hair symbolises a ploy to go rogue. His appearance is always tidy, no matter what situation he encounters. Imitate Bond’s look by avoiding scruffiness, in his personal grooming and by choosing tailored over baggy pieces that ultimately complement a physique.


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