5 Simple Style Mistakes to Avoid

5 Simple Style Mistakes to Avoid

Dressing with style is about focusing on the finer details to complement an overall look. Being stylish is not supposed to be a time consuming process, but rather about choosing pieces that best suit your physique, the occasion and the climate. However, there are a few things to be conscious of when putting an outfit together. Here are 5 style mistakes to avoid:

1. Clothes that don't fit properly

For many designers, one of the ultimate no-no’s are clothes that don't fit. Whether it’s a too tight shirt, or an ill-fitted suit, wearing clothes that don't fit properly detracts from an outfit, and completely kills any semblance of style. As the Dutch so eloquently put it, “dress for the body you have, not the body you want”. The key is tailored pieces. For short men, pants can be tailored inexpensively at a variety of alteration places- don’t let your pants puddle over your shoes. For those on the opposite end of the spectrum, there are a number of speciality stores dotted around the place. It’s important to know your measurements, so consider going for a suit fitting, or trying on a number of sizes to determine your correct measurements. The sales people milling about are handy to have around when shopping for size.

2. Dirty shoes

This is something your grandmother probably used to warn you about. Having dirty shoes is a lazy style mistake that can simply be avoided. Giving your shoes a good scrub or a polish is easy- there are even shoe cleaning kits on the market for those who prefer not to get their hands dirty. If wearing sneakers, don’t forget to wash the shoelaces. Alternative shoelaces can be worn in the interim of washes- consider bold colours that add originality to your sneakers. Dirty shoes make great socks look bad. Don't let that happen.

3. Wrinkled clothing

Wrinkled clothing makes the list because this is another style mistake that can easily be avoided. No matter what the grunge style guides say, this look can look terrible. Wearing wrinkled clothing can convey 3 things - number one; you clearly do not own an iron or you didn’t bother to use one. Secondly, you do not care about your appearance enough to keep your clothing wrinkle-free. And thirdly, judging by your wrinkled exterior, you quite possibly slept in your clothes the night before in order to save time on dressing in the morning à la school days.

4. Not paying attention to accessories

Sometimes you find an item that you can’t explain why you love, but you do. Be it a chunky gold chain, tinted glasses, or a cartoon tie, you feel this item makes you seem endearing or unique, and that secretly everyone admires your boldness. By all means, embrace your inner quirkiness, but pay attention to accessories. If you wear an accessory that doesn’t better your look overall, or at least complement it, then don’t wear it. Your accessories should look like they've been worn with thought, rather than an impulsive grab as you're walking out the door.

5. Socks with sandals

This old faithful consistently finds it on style mistake lists, begging the question of who is actually still committing this shameful act; along with frosted tips and extra low V-neck shirts. Socks are meant to be seen occasionally. Put the tourist look to bed forever, by wearing bright, bold socks that are eye-catching and stylish, yet safely confined within shoes. If you do insist on wearing socks with sandals, at least own the look and admit that it looks kind of crazy. Don't try to make it stylish, don't try to make it cool, let it be what it is and please, please don't wear white socks.
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