8 Tips To Dressing Taller

8 Tips To Dressing Taller

Regardless of height, dressing with confidence is key to any look. That being said, not everyone is blessed with the tall gene. Being shorter in stature may seem like a hindrance for some men; however there are ways to create the illusion of tallness through simple tips (that don’t involve wearing platform shoes). Standing up straight and walking with confidence are two very important aspects of appearing taller, for the rest, here are eight style tips on how to dress taller.

1. Vertical stripes

Vertical stripes are known for creating the illusion of tallness. This is a tried and tested method that should be embraced by short men. This can be applied to shirts and suits. Remember to keep your shirt’s length shorter, in order to keep the look fitted.

2. Wear fitted clothes

This should be a rule irrespective of height. Wearing baggy, ill-fitted clothing not only creates the impression that you can’t find clothing that fits your petite frame, but it emphasises a person’s height by widening a silhouette rather than lengthening it. Fitted clothes are your friend. Wear styles that are tailored and slim-cut for a streamlined silhouette.

3. Focus on accessories on your head and chest-area

Hats, glasses, ties, lapel pins, pocket squares and tie clips all draw attention to your upper body, therefore creating the illusion of height. Accessories should not be used as only a way to emphasis height, but also to complement an outfit. Slim ties are recommended for shorter men.

4. Keep your hair short

This tip involves slightly more of a lifestyle change if long hair is your thing. But if your goal of looking taller exceeds your love of long hair, then chop the locks. Short hair elongates the neck, creating the impression of height.

5. Avoid belts

While belts are stylish accessories, they can hinder the illusion of height. They tend to separate a man horizontally. Ditch the belt for a streamlined look that is uninterrupted. Waistcoats can have the same effect, and therefore are also not advised if trying to appear taller.

6. Choose suits or blazers with a higher waist button

This may seem a bit tedious, but choosing a suit or blazer with a higher waist button does add to the illusion of height. By choosing a higher-placed button, it elongates the legs, while drawing attention to the chest area.

7. Wear monochromatic colours

By wearing monochrome colours, the outfit is uninterrupted and gives a more streamlined look. Plus monochrome is always stylish.

8. Avoid all black

Black has a habit of shrinking a person; therefore shorter men should avoid it. If wearing a lighter shirt on top, pair with darker pants. Avoid wearing dark colours on top and light below if trying to look taller.      
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