How to make your feet stand out

How to make your feet stand out

We understand. You get attached to a pair of shoes and don’t ever want to let go. They’ve been through every experience with you, all the highs and lows, never letting you down, until they do. The laces start to fray, they turn a permanently different colour, holes start appearing everywhere. You might have kept them clean, even buying a shoe kit, but despite it all, things don’t last. Wearing shoes that aren’t well looked after speaks volumes. We all know a guy (or maybe you are that guy) who had one or two pairs of shoes that are worn religiously, no matter the occasion or the dress code. When you’re 18 it’s ok to wear a pair of sneakers to a wedding because it’s ironic and you’re cool and you play by your own rules. When you’re no longer a teenager, it’s not. smart Shoes are something people notice immediately about a person so it's a good idea to invest in a pair of good shoes that can you wear for special occasions. Here are 5 ways to make your feet stand out:

Ditch the scruffy shoes.

Look after your shoes and when they get too scruffy, admit that it's time to let go. Red-Shoes

Be bold!

From colour blocking to monochrome, choose to be bold and stand out! Wear those bright sneakers with bright socks, and make a statement. sven-kristian-2

Add some flare to your ankles.

You know people are looking at your feet, why not give them something to talk about? Our bamboo socks are stylish by design, and are bright, bold and daring. Starter-Sock-PackThe-Starter-Pack-4Green-packOne-week-pack

Play around with style

There is more to life than just jeans and black pants. Experiment with chinos and other types of trousers to make your style unique, and don't be afraid of colour. Feb27_2013

Turn it up!

Roll up your pants to show off those stylish ankles! And in summer when it's hot, don't be afraid to wear shorts and socks! We love this bold look! a-fashion-friend2  [Featured image courtesy of A Fashion Friend]


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